Alberta Has Sports Fans Running For Jersey Framing For Gifts

edmonton jersey framer for sportsReclaimed Wooden Frames – Knotty and Nice

Now with new gift ideas coming out, Edmonton and Red Deer residents have been getting more jersey framing done by companies in the last few months.

A large collection of Italian-made, elegant frames have a great reputation on their own, but sometimes people are looking for something a bit different. If you contact us we will be able to keep you updated.

Made in Detroit, Michigan, our Urban Ash frames are becoming quite popular and for good reason, too.

Edmonton Jersey Fans Get Framing

Paul Hickman is the designer behind the Urban Ash frames. A furniture designer usually, Paul stumbled onto the idea as a result of urban blight and people have been loving them ever since. If you need Edmonton custom jersey framing done then ask the professionals.

In 2008, the depression and urban blight of the city of Detroit and the city of Edmonton had many an Emerald Ash being eaten by the Borer bug. It wreaked havoc on local trees and instead of letting them go to waste Paul made great use of their downfall.

Jerseys Get Framed By Red Deer Sports Fanatics

Paul’s picture frame collection features frames made from the wood of trees fallen by the Emerald Ash Borer beetle, along with other woods such as pine, walnut, maple and cherry. Using reclaimed wood in Red Deer has become quite a trend these days as blights and the cost of milled lumber increases. Also on the most popular is Red Deer custom jersey framing and their work. It is amazing to see some of the best

Paul has carefully chosen the pieces of wood used in his frames, giving them a lot of character and charm. All are finished with hand-rubbed, petroleum-free finishes.

red deer jersey framer

In more recent news, a big player in the jersey framing niche has been ranked number one in the whole city, we will continue to bring you the best in breaking news and interesting facts that we know you will love to know, stay tuned and bookmark this page to keep being updated!

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